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(a Complete Waste Water Treatment System)


Effluent Treatment Plant :
The discharges of waste water from plating are highly toxic and harmful to the environment. But the Local Pollution Control Board laid down standards to meet the pre-treatment limits before the treated water is let out to the common sewer lines. We are also specialised in making this custom-built manual or automatic plant to suit small platers and large industries with simple and easy operation and also cost effective.
Factors for selecting a Suitable Plant are :-
«Determine flow of waste water and contaminant load
« Water conservation/reuse
« Resources recovery
« Waste minimization
« Still the successful operation of unit depends directly upon time, talent and training devoted by both operators and management.



The manual plant for ETP generally consist of :-

Collection Tanks :
The tanks are mostly in pits, with Acid/Alkali resistant paint or bricks lining, to store rinse water in segregation of v Alkali v  Cyanide v  Acids v  hexavalent Chrome v  others individually or in permissible combination. Each tank is fitted with discharge pump, control panel with level control alarms, iron grating and fittings.

Dosing Tanks: 5 PP Dosing Tanks with fittings of suitable capacity for storage and dosing of reagents for treatment of effluents, for gravitational discharge, provide easy access to the tank during working & refilling of reagents.

Treatment Tanks:
Two Nos. PP tanks of suitable volume fitted with motorized stirrer and compressed air supply to ensure a total mix up of reagents, suitable pumps. The treatment is controlled and monitored by digital ORP and pH meters.

Settlement Tank:
One No. Sludge settlement tank PP/PVC lined in M.S. of suitable volume, with conical bottom, discharge valves for water and sludge, level indicator. Such treated water is either reused or discharged into sewer lines.

Filter Press:
Filter Press generally manually operated of suitable capacity, with screw pump for dewatering up to 75 %, having PP filter plates of 355 x 355 mm. to 1200 x 1200 mm. in different filtering area and discharge ranges.

Conventional chemicals for Hexavalent Chrome Reduction and Cyanide Oxidisation are available. Some of the known neutralizing agents are Lime, Soda Ash, Caustic, Calcium Chloride, Potash Alum, Sodium Meta bi-sulphate and Magnesium Hydroxide. Selection should be based upon cost, usage requirement, handling and sludge production.

Analysis Kit:
A ready kit of glasswares and chemical reagents are available for easy estimation of total cyanide and total hexavalent chromium present in the effluent and also to test the treated water to the discharge standards.


KCPL is the reliable source not only for complete ETP Equipments but from pH Adjust or Neutralisation Systems and Batch Treatment Systems, large or small, to flow through Continuous Sedimentation Systems, Clarifiers, Oil Skimmers, Evaporators, Filter Presses and Sludge Management equipment. Also, Rinse Water-Recycling Systems.

KCPL’s Effluent Treatment Systems are fully integrated, stand-alone, equipment systems that effectively treat process wastewater streams to comply with local standards for discharge. Whether the requirements are to correct pH, to precipitate heavy metals, to remove oils from process tanks or waste streams, to filter sediments and particulate, to evaporate with zero discharge, or to close-loop and recycle, we have the exact treatment technology to meet the need.

Komal’s Cyanide Destruct Systems safely breakdown harmful cyanides from waste streams.


The Filter Press has been the focus product of Komal for many years. We have built a solid reputation for supplying quality Filter Presses, Clarifiers, Sludge Dryers, Complete Waste Treatment Systems, Filter Cloths and Filter Plates. Our Filter Presses have been used in number of industries from plating and metal finishing. Komal Filter Presses feature heavy duty steel construction with polypro gasketed plates. These filter presses can be manufactured with manual or with a hydraulic cylinder, high pressure closing. Komal’s Filter Presses are always expandable for larger future capacity by adding longer sidebars and additional plates.

The filter press is most often used in the dewatering of metal finishing sludges. It is simple to operate, and produces a dry, easily disposable filter cake. Sludge from the thickener or directly from the bottom of the clarifier, is usually pumped via an air diaphragm pump to the filter press. The PP filter media retains the solid while the liquid portion or filtrate flows through the media and discharges. Filtrate usually returns to the collection/equalization tank for retreatment. After a certain length of time (2-4hours) the chambers of the press are completely full and a filter cake of 25-35% solids has formed. The hydraulic pressure that had been holding the plates is now released and the filter cake is discharged

Standard Filter Press Features
• Air Driven Hydraulic Closing Pump with Pressure Gauge on Automatic Units
• Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder for opening and closing of Press.
• Polypro Gasketed Recessed Plates for leak free operation
• Air Blown Manifold Piping for Air Drying Filter Cakes.
• Air Line Filter, Oiler, Regulator, and Guage on Automatic Units.

Optional Features
• Sludge Dump Carts for Sludge collection and dumping
• Cat-Walk Platform with raised legs for disposal into Drums or our Sludge Dryer.
• Automatic Plate shifter for ease of cleaning.
• Distance piece for future expansion.
• Leg mounted Control Panel.
• Diaphragm pump for solids feed to the Filter Press.

Filter Press applications
• Dewatering industrial Sludge
• Reclaiming precious Metals
• Product Filtration
• Dewatering Hazardous Wastes
• Process Waste Waters as per PCB approved Treatment Systems.


The inclined parallel plate design, manufactured by KCPL are used as part of a ETP system for efficient solid settlings, are constructed of carbon steel with coal tar epoxy lining on the inside, and epoxy coating on the exterior. The internal plate pack is set at 60% for optimum settling and is constructed of a epoxy coated steel shell or with FRP plastic plates.

The Komal Clarifiers use the time proven concept of inclined plate clarification. This type of clarifier uses gravity in conjunction with the projected settling area of the 60 degree angle parallel plates to settle solids from the pre-treated liquid flow. This treated liquid flows first to the flocculation tank where polymer is added to promote floc growth, then up through the plate pack(s) while the solids settle out to the bottom sludge cones. The clean water flows out through our special laundering troughs to plant discharge or for polishing for water reuse. The solids are intermittently taken from the bottom cone to a filter press for further dewatering.



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