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Corrosion Test Chambers


(Salt spray, the most widely specified Corrosion Test, by which one is able to assess the product service life span for corrosion) appears.
Salt Spray Apparatus (Conventional Standard)

In this Salt Spray Apparatus Chamber, coated articles viz. Electroplated, Painted, Anodising, etc are exposed to a mist of salt. Saturated air produced by spraying common salt solution in an enclosed Cabinet. The articles being positioned for this accelerated corrosion test in such a way that they are exposed to the hot mist produced in the chamber, through the controlled and regulatable air and liquid nozzles.


Standard sizes:
a) 915 x 510 x 310 mm
b) 450 x 250 x 250 mm
The Apparatus consists of :
« Acrylic mist chamber with dome roof
« Heater
« Temperature Indicator and Controller
« Atomizing nozzles for mist formation
« Specimen supporter
« Compressed air supply
Optionals: Relative Humidity Chambers & Controller, Time Totaliser, Temperature Controller and Compressor


Salt Spray Apparatus (International Standards)

This corrosion test chamber conforming to international specification test standards for Neutral Salt Spray (NSS), Acetic Acid Salt Spray (AASS) and Copper Accelerated Salt Spray (CASS), Corrodkote.

The apparatus comprising of Double Chamber FRP body, having internal size : 850 x 655 x 825 mm ht., Dome roof, volume 455 ltrs, suitable for housing 120 Numbers of standard panel size : 150 x 100 mm Ÿ Humidity Chamber Ÿ Water level controller Ÿ Humidity Controller Ÿ Mica plate heaters Ÿ Temperature indicator 500C display cum - controller Ÿ filtered salt solution feed of min 0.5 liters per hour Ÿ 130 litres salt solution reservoir Ÿ Peristaltic Pump Ÿ Large specimen testing capacity Ÿ Easy access to test panels Ÿ Hour counter Ÿ Control panel with main switch.

Designed to meet the International Standards like BS 3900/5466, ASTM B-117/287/368/380 DIN 50017/50021/50907, JSS2371 / 50101 and all ISS 9000 / 9844 / 11864 etc.
Optional: Compressor unit, Pressure Regulating Valve, Flow Meter.



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