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Barrelling Unit


Special Barrelling Units are made to meet production requirement. The unit on left side is for a hoist lifting mechanism having plating & rinsing tank attachments, while on right is two Barrels plating set up with fittings for doubling output. Any type of tailor made Barrel can be designed and fabricated. from 5 kg to 80 kg capacity.








Low voltage transport barrel


Hoist barrel




Barrel with contact pins


Automatic Plating Barrels are our speciality, made from Acrylic, Polypropylene body for conventional plating applications and CPVC, Stainless Steel, Titanium or other metallic body for special and strong acidic applications like Electropolishing, Blackening, Phosphating etc. These barrels are sturdy and compact supplied with 42 low voltage AC geared motors in 3 phase with power supply (if required), motor either on barrel itself or tank-top and necessary fittings like 3 pin motor drive contact pad, cathode contact block, dangler etc. Available in a wide range of Barrels having length from 12" to 48" and dia from 8" to 20" (A/F).



Complete range of Barrel Spares like :
« 12V DC motors, and Power Drive « AC motor 220/440V Geared or Gear Box driven « Low Voltage AC motor 24V/42V 3 phase « Power Drive 0.5KW onwards for 24/42V low voltage motor « Barrel Cylinders H Bearings « Gears « Front Locking Doors «Danglers H Cathode Hook «Liftintransformerg Device (Two or Three) Points «Three Pin drive Contact Pads «Cathode Contacts V Blocks & V Saddles «Transporter wheels «Rubber Buffer and any other items as per customer specification or drawing for imported or local make of Automatic Plating Plant.



On-Line Cathodic Contact Block

Low Voltage Motor Drive Controls

Polyurethane Wheels




V Blocks GM / CI / PP

Rubber Buffers, Through Hole / Embedded Nuts






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