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Air Pollution Control Systems & Solutions

Your Air Pollution requirements are unique. So is our approach to providing customized and affordable solutions. Lowest prices, Corrosion resistant, Air pollution Control Systems & Ventilation Equipments Portfolio.

We are truly a one stop source for Plant Automation with built in value added Pollution Control, resulting in multiple benefits including compliance with pollution control laws & regulations, along with optimization of capital investment. Be assured to get perfect solutions that work, from a friendly, knowledgeable team who are honest, dependable and proven in the Metal Finishing, Electroplating and allied industries. We are with you long after the job is done.

Wet Fume scrubbers in PVC, PP, CPVC, PVDF,SS & FRP construction , PVC,PP,FRP,SS based Composite Mesh Pad (CMP) In-Line  Chemical Mist eliminators , Innovative Exhaust Fans / Blowers - Corrosion resistant construction in PVC, FRP, PP & - Unusually quiet also ideal for odor control. , Exhaust Hoods , Canopy Hoods , Dust collectors for air pollution control , PVC, CPVC, PP, SS Corrosion Resistant Tanks with console design , Corrosion resistant duct systems , Piping, wiring and full startup services, Turnkey execution with consultancy services to meet your metal finishing / plating needs , Full Installation services at customer site , Tailor-made maintenance programs , Space efficient Custom fabrication , Design services with drawings as part of the customer documentation package delivered with the machine.

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Komal has the best designs & solutions for Water & Waste Water Treatment also.


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